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Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. A beautiful tribute is to release 3 doves representing The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Moments later a solitary white dove is released which ascends to join the others circling over head ... a moving representation of the spirit of the departed one ascending to heaven and being guided home.

Our experience has shown that releasing doves at the end of the church service provides a welcome respite if the family wish the actual burial to be a more private affair. In other instances family and loved ones may feel 'empty' on leaving the crematorium - by releasing a dove it can help them say goodbye to the departed.

On the passing of time many people still want to show that they are remembering the departed and mark such occasions through memorial dove release. Please ask your funeral director to contact us or call direct to discuss the various tributes that we offer.

Click here for a quote or call 01663 732376 for the North West or 07791 525742 for Shropshire and the Midlands to discuss your personal requirements.

"With this dove I give you a symbol of eternal love and peace. It is a symbolic representation of the spirit of our dearly departed. Take comfort in holding it for a while, and when you are ready to say goodbye, simply open your hands and it will ascend to heaven."

Spirit Release (1 Dove)
At the conclusion of the ceremony, a single white dove is released by a relative or friend, either by hand or from a small basket.  Symbolic of the loved one, the dove may circle, and will fly off on its ‘spiritual journey home.’ Those watching are able to emotionally ‘release’ their loved one, as the white dove flies off into the horizon.

The Trinity Release ( 4 Doves)
Three doves are released from a decorated basket.  These doves represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Next, a beloved relative or close friend releases a single white dove, symbolic of the loves ones spirit.  The single dove can be released by hand or from a small, decorated basket.  As the trinity of doves ascends into the sky, they circle on a high, awaiting the loved one.  The trio of doves escorts the spirit dove in a ‘spiritual flight home.’

The Angelic Escort Home ( 6+ Doves)
At the end of the graveside service, family members release the doves from beautifully decorated baskets. The flock ascends into the sky and circles the area awaiting the spirit of the loved one to join them. Moments later, a single white dove, representing your loved ones spirit, is then released by a family member. The spirit dove joins the flock of "Angels" and all together they make the spiritual flight home.

12 doves were supplied at the funeral of Kesha Wizzart - known from her appearance on ITV's Young Stars In Their Eyes